Constitution Considerations


Any changes to government requires a referendum and this proposal deals with the abolition of the present form of Westminster Government that has a National, State and Local government being replaced, will require a new constitution, this of course is an enormous undertaking.

There are already teams of Republicans writing their constitution but this writer believes that before a constitution can be drafted there needs to be something to work to. As this proposal is not a minimalist approach but a maximum effort to change government in Australia a different approach is needed. To this end Australians must determine by referendum what they want and the time scale below is a suggestion for considering these changes and to follow a determined development plan  over a decade with a date to be selected in the year 2020 to become a republic and named Australia Day.

The following dates are based on expected national elections at which time referenda can be conducted:

The reason that the above time table is suggest as there is the need for massive changes to the structure of governing Australia. This is irrespective what form of government is adopted, some changes can be implemented before the change over date.

For example is paragraph 1 an analogy can be compared with motor racing would see the mechanics servicing the vehicle before moving it outside the garage.

Paragraph 2 will see the vehicles being moved to grid to test for poll position for the big event.

Paragraph 3 will establish which two will face the starter and be the winner of the race with the referendum in the year 2013.

Paragraph 4 has the winner  preparing the vehicle for final acceptance of the people. All shiny and new, everything is perfect order for final acceptance and adoption for a date determined by referendum and Australia becoming a republic.

Compiled by and copyright © to Bob Buick, Queensland 2001